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Target Clients:

  •     Trader/Distributor

  •     Retailer

  •     Manufacturer

  •     Constructor

Particular areas of expertise include:

  •     Stock Throughput

  •     Pharmaceutical

  •     Project Cargo

  •     Oil & Bulk shipments

  •     Satellite Pre-Launch Risk

Benefits of Stock Throughput coverage:

  •     Seamless cover from time of ownership

  •     Continuity of one policy through the whole supply chain

  •     Premium saving of combining both stock and transits

  •     Fixed deductibles instead of % based

  •     Flexibility to make mid-term amendments to reflect trading patterns

  •     Capacity is saved in the non-marine market allowing more CAT aggregate

We accept all submissions, and recommend fully completed application forms (which we can supply) in order to ensure a prompt quotation. Certificates and Policy documentation are issued by Corrie Bauckham Batts Limited after binding.

James Edwards

Placing Broker

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