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High Value Homeowners

High Value Homeowners Insurance

Introducing a High Value Homeowners Facility with competitive rates throughout the USA.

We have an appetite for excess and surplus business that is not written by the admitted market and cover high value homes throughout the US.

Personal Lines Forms: HO3, HO4, HO5, HO6, DP-1, DP-3
Minimum Coverage:     USD 500,000


  • Property

  • Other Structures
  • Contents

  • Loss of Use

  • Personal Liability (Up to USD 1,000,000 any one occurrence)

  • Medical Expenses
    (Up to USD 25,000 each occurrence / USD 10,000 each person)

Online Platform

  • Online Submission

  • Online Indication (No cover is offered at this stage)

  • Formal Quotation (usually within 24 hours)

  • Prompt Documentation (usually within 24 hours of binding)

We can consider all risks including


  • Wind exposures

  • Wind Only Cover

  • CAT Exposed Locations

  • A wide range of protection classes including PC9/10


Charlie Croton

Placing Broker


Calum Johnson

Placing Broker

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