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Marine and Energy

Ports and Terminals:

  • Package policy including Liability and Property

  • Standalone Liability and/or Property

  • UK Harbour Authorities where Craft are not discharging Cargo normally associated with Port Authorities and Terminal Operators (Bulk Cargo, Containerised Cargo) including Dredging and maintaining River Banks, Diving, Salvage, Mooring, Maintenance, Pollution Control etc

  • Large Pleasure Piers

  • Marina Liability and Marine Trades including Property and Yachts

Hull and Protection and Indemnity:

  • Blue Water Vessels, Fleets and Singletons – Hull & Machinery/P&I

  • Brown Water Tug and Barge operations – General Liability, Hull & Machinery/P&I

  • Harbour Craft e.g. Workboats, Tugs etc

  • Drillships

  • Yachts, Private & Pleasure and Skipper Charter - large and small values

  • Patrol Boats

  • Safety Boats

  • Dredgers

  • Ferries

  • Large flat top barges with accommodation modules, including equipment, which are on long term charter and used for piling, towing, dredging and offshore activities

  • Builders risks contracts

  • Wind Farm support vessels

  • Coastal, River, Inter-Island or Inland water supply Vessels and Fishing Vessels

  • 24 Hour Rescue Service Boats

  • ROV, AOV and Marine Equipment

Professional Liability and General Liability covering the following Lines of Business:

  • Marine Engineers

  • Marine Electricians

  • Naval Architects

  • Oil and Gas workers/services – Physical Damage and Liability

  • Renewable Energy

  • Diving Contractors

  • Port Pilotage

  • River Pilots

  • River Police

  • Stevedores Liability

  • Shipowners Liability

  • Freight Forwarders and Hauliers Liability

  • Charterers liability – Time Charter, Bareboat Charter and Voyage Charter

  • Boat Builders/Ship Builders

  • Boat Repairers/Ship Repairers

  • Suppliers of Mooring equipment

  • Installation of pontoons in Marinas

  • Riverbank repair Contractors

  • Canal dredging and property repairs

  • Pollution Liability

  • Operators of small ferry services – maximum 100 passengers any one time

  • Work on Container Ships, Tankers, General Cargo Vessels and similar Vessels

Other coverages include:

  • Marine Cargo

  • Stock Throughput


Gary Hewer

Placing Broker


Scott Ballard

Placing Broker

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